Big Data Services For Small Businesses with Big Goals

Remote Controller® offers Big Data Services for small and medium sized businesses.
We can help you efficiently produce timely, accurate and useful information leading to actionable intelligence.

Development Services

  • Data Warehouse Creation and ImplementationMove QuickBooks, Excel, SQL and other ODBC compliant data into one MS Access or MS SQL database. Create views, export, modify and import data to and from QuickBooks.
  • Custom ReportsWith the data warehouse in place, create any report, using virtually any data source(s).
  • Custom ApplicationsMove information out of the data warehouse for modifications and import it back into the data warehouse or into QuickBooks.
  • Custom Data Dashboards and VisualizationsBring meaningful data and actionable intelligence into the hands of the entire enterprise with dashboards and data visualizations. VIEW EXAMPLE

Consulting Services

  • Back Office Best Practice Consulting Timely, accurate and useful data requires that your transaction processing, bookkeeping, accounting and management information systems are as efficient as they can be. The goal is having the right person perform a predetermined task using the most efficient tools.
  • Accounting Software SelectionEvery business owner usually struggles with selecting the right software. Quite often they overpay and grow frustrated with the results. Understand how to select desktop or cloud based solutions and the critical features the software needs to have for individual company requirements.
  • Data ConversionMove lists and transaction history details from one database to another and auditing the results. This includes accounting software or any other ODBC compliant data.
  • Accounting System Conversions Includes Back Office Practice Consulting, Accounting Software Selection and Data Conversion.

Training Services

  • Microsoft Access TrainingMS Access, often called “Excel on Steroids”, is the most popular database software in the world and is included in most versions of MS Office.
  • Tableau Data Visualization TrainingTableau is the current standard for data visualizations. VIEW EXAMPLE


David Morris - Senior Accountant

Intuit referred us to Peter to convert our QuickBooks Online data file to QuickBooks Enterprise. We discovered our data file was corrupt and would therefore require that individual transactions be exported, imported and verified. We requested that nine years of historical detailed data be converted and verified and Peter’s team delivered on that request. We are very pleased with the results and would recommend Peter and his firm for complex data conversions.

David Morris - Senior Accountant / L2T Media



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